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How Nuvigil helps fight depression?


Life isn’t supposed to be a fancy boat ride. It has its own speed bumps. Everyone gets the blues now and then. However if your blues last for weeks, then you might be suffering from depression.  Don’t worry though, you aren’t alone. According to survey, major depression is one of the most common mood disorders in the United States: about 16.1 million adults (that’s almost 7 percent) and 3 million teenagers will have at least one major depressive episode per year.

There are also multiple types of depression, including major depression, persistent depressive disorder, and bipolar disorder. Postpartum depression, experienced after giving birth, affects up to 1 in 7 women in the United States. Depression can make it difficult to do everyday things, like getting out of bed or concentrating at work. Depression can also be incredibly difficult to talk about. It is at times like this that friends, family and loved ones can help a person regain his/her self and move out of the depression trench and rise up towards their life dreams.

There have been several studies on the effects of smart pills on mood disorders. Nuvigil is one such smart pill that has been known to be popular and effective with its use around the world. Nuvigil was granted FDA approval in 2007 with a “safe to use” tag. Ever since Nuvigil has been helping people around the world with excessive sleepiness disorder, narcolepsy, sleep apnea etc. 

However, along with these benefits, Nuvigil is also known to increase alertness, focus and bring about a sense of euphoria in the user. As such, Nuvigil is a popular smart pill among students who are preparing for competitive exams, or maybe just want their eyes open during boring lectures. Work professionals too find it useful so that their superiors don’t catch them yawning. Nuvigil has minimal side effects and can help a person with mood disorders in a helpful way.

Quick facts about depression

Depression is likely to be due to a complex combination of factors that include:

• Genetics
• Biological - changes in neurotransmitter levels
• Environmental
• Psychological and social (psycho-social)

Some people are at higher risk of depression than others; risk factors include:

• Life events - including bereavement, divorce, work issues, relationships with friends and family, financial problems, medical concerns, or acute stress.
• Personality - those with less successful coping strategies, or previous life trauma.
• Genetic factors - first-degree relatives of depressed patients are at higher risk.
• Childhood trauma.
• Some prescription drugs - including Corticosteroids, some beta-blockers, interferon, and other prescription drugs.
• Abuse of recreational drugs (including alcohol and amphetamines) - can accompany depression or result in it. There are strong links between drug abuse and depression.

Symptoms of depression can include:
• Depressed mood
• Reduced interest or pleasure in activities previously enjoyed, loss of sexual desire
• Unintentional weight loss (without dieting) or low appetite
• Insomnia (difficulty sleeping) or hypersomnia (excessive sleeping)
• Psycho-motor agitation (for example, restlessness, pacing up and down), or psycho-motor retardation (slowed movements and speech)
• Fatigue or loss of energy
• Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
• Worsened ability to think, concentrate, or make decisions
• Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide, or attempt at suicide

How Nuvigil helps fight depression?

Nuvigil (Gen name: Armodafinil) is a smart drug that influences the Dopamine levels of the brain. Dopamine is a compound responsible for wakefulness and alertness of an individual. Nuvigil reduces the uptake of Dopamine in the nerves, thus, making more Dopamine available for the body. It creates similar effects to that of anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications. Know more about Nuvigil.

 Because dopamine is the chemical that promotes feelings of pleasure, it makes us look forward to enjoying life and various activities. Sometimes called “The Molecule of Happiness,” Dopamine tends to be the scientific explanation for why we can be happy or experience satisfaction. New research suggests that this chemical messenger may play a role in depression, along with the other neurotransmitters serotonin and Norepinephrine. Hence with increased Dopamine, people find it easier to focus on their work and elevate themselves from depression.

What should be kept in mind before taking Nuvigil?

• Tell your doctor about any allergies and your medical history of any ailments (heart, lung, or renal, etc.)
• Do not consume with alcohol
• Do not operate heavy machinery
• Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid Nuvigil
• Not advised for anyone below 18 years.

Best place to buy Nuvigil pills

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Depression is a mood disorder and should be taken seriously. Negligence can be dangerous and should be dealt with carefully. There are now pills that help a person elevate himself from this disorder, with the help of his/her friends, family and loved ones. 

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